Houston Intergroup

Houston Intergroup was spared significant damage and is operating Mon-Fri, 8 AM to 6 PM.  Many groups were not as fortunate.   Groups looking to re-establish themselves are in need of Big Books & 12 x 12’s.   Houston Intergroup is coordinating donations, including monetary, on behalf of the groups.

Please ask your home group if the group wants to help this effort.  In my opinion, this hits on Tradition One, Four, and Seven. So a good thing to discuss regardless of outcome.

If you, or your group want to make a donation, here’s how:

Mailing address:  Houston Intergroup. 4140 Director’s Row, Suite D, Houston, TX 77092.

If Sending a check, make it out to Houston Intergroup and mark it “Harvey” so they will know.  You can also use PayPal through this link on the Houston Intergroup website.


Here is the GSO service piece on responding to disasters, just FYI:  Responding to Disaster